Upcoming Topic Ideas

This list includes contributions by Matt, Bill,  Mark, and Kyle:

  • ui-router
  • Promises
  • Internationalization / Localization (“an approach to localization that is working really well on our project”)
    scope nesting, how deep is too deep?
  • Directives
  • Advanced Directives
  • detailed walkthrough of the $digest cycle
  • ng animations, tradeoffs between the different types
  • restangular (vs $resource)
  • other things similar to restangular
  • good practices on building services
  • protractor – intro, walkthrough
  • D3 (with Angular)
  • Workflows – We covered this lightly, but I would be interested in getting an idea of how other people work with this in more depth.
  • best practices for application file layout
  • talks on directive building, tips & tricks, approaches, etc.
  • wrapping a pre-existing JS component/control in a directive
  • writing a Angular directive with React
  • Accessibility
  • Use alt-JS languages with Angular. Examples: coffeescript, ClojureScript, etc.
  • Building your AngularJS app with Grunt
  • Building your AngularJS app with Brunch
  • Building your AngularJS app with Gulp
  • Building your AngularJS app with non-JS build tools
  • Help, we have too many watches!