Angular Lunch | October 25, 2017 | Loopback: Backing your angular applications with a declarative REST

The next St. Louis Angular Lunch will be next week on Wednesday, October 25th at 12:00pm.
Loopback: Backing your angular applications with a declarative REST
High quality single page application frameworks such as Angular deserve data servers of equal measure. Loopback is a JSON REST server that emphasizes declarative syntax and configuration over hand crafting each HTTP verb. In this talk Andrew will provide an introduction to Loopback and demonstrate how it can be configured to provide access to your application data.
Andrew Wiens, Oasis Digital Solutions, Inc.
1610 Des Peres Road, suite 150. Oasis Digital’s offices.
Please RSVP to the mailing list to help us more accurately estimate meal and venue setup.
Oasis Digital will supply the meeting space, pizza/drinks, and projector.
We hope to see you there!
Rather linger over Angular in the evening?
If lunchtime Angular doesn’t fill your appetite, consider attending the “St. Louis Angular Meetup”, held on Wednesday evenings once a month.