Angular Lunch | Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | Beyond the Tour of Heroes

(this post is a back-update)

The next St. Louis Angular Lunch will be next week on Wednesday, August 16, at 12:00pm.


Beyond the Tour of Heroes: Angular’s Tour of Heroes is the framework’s standard tutorial for learning how to create an Angular app. While it does a great job with lots of Angular’s features, it doesn’t set the new Angular developer up for building enterprise-scale apps. This talk will show some of the steps beyond the tutorial that would be necessary to go to the next level, including modularization, replacing Promises with Observables, and integrating @ngrx.

Lance Finney – 

Object Computing, Inc.

1630 Des Peres Road – one building north of the Oasis Digital office location.


Please RSVP to the mailing list to help us more accurately estimate meal and venue setup.

Oasis Digital will supply the meeting space, pizza/drinks, and projector.

We hope to see you there!