Lunch – Wed., May 17, 2017 – Reactive Programming with Angular and RxJS

The next St. Louis Angular lunch will be Wednesday, May 17,2017, at noon. (Sorry for the late post – as we post this, the event already happened, but it’s good to have a full record of the lunches here.)


Reactive Programming with Angular and RxJS. This month at the St. Louis Angular Lunch, John will start with an imperative implementation of a search screen, then explaid piece by piece how and why to improve both the user experience and implementation using RxJS pervasively.


John Baur – Oasis Digital


1630 Des Peres Road – one building north of the Oasis Digital office location.

Oasis Digital will supply the meeting space, pizza, and projector.


Please RSVP to the mailing list.  It is important to know the amount of people to buy pizza for and prepare the room for.