Lunch – Wed. March 15, 2017 – Angular AOT / production build tooling options

The next St. Louis Angular lunch will be Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at noon.


Kyle will give an overview (and perhaps deep dive) into some of the production build tooling options for Angular 2/4+ with AOT. Angular CLI, with Webpack 2 inside. Ngc. Rollup. FESM, ES2015 FESM. Babel. Buble. Google Closure Compiler, now offered on both Java and JavaScript runtimes. Lots of discussion of trade-offs.

This will probably be an unusually deep technical topic, but we made as accessible as possible, to fit in the short time and be useful to those who are not deeply interested in JavaScript bundling.


 Kyle Cordes of Oasis Digital / Angular Boot Camp.


1630 Des Peres Road – one building north of the Oasis Digital office location.

Oasis Digital will supply the meeting space, pizza, and projector.


Please RSVP to the mailing list.  It is important to know the amount of people to buy pizza for and prepare the room for.