Angular Lunch, St. Louis


Let’s talk about AngularJS once a month. Over lunch. No cost, the sponsor will buy pizza or whatever. To get the right amount of food, we will need to put out a call for RSVP each month.

Developers using, or hoping to use AngularJS are welcome! Developers Using similar tools like Ember, Knockout, etc. are also welcome.


Third Wednesday of each month, tentatively. Will try it a few times and see what happens.

12:00 Noon until 1:00 or 1:30, stay as long as you can. Why at lunchtime? To provide an alternative to the more typical evening user group schedule, which doesn’t work particularly well for folks with young children.

To hear about each meeting, please Join the mailing list.


If someone has something to present, will make a schedule to present it. If no one has something, I’m sure will find plenty to talk about. The meeting room will have a projector or big-screen, and Internet access.


Offices of Oasis Digital, at Manchester and 270. Directions. This is a reasonably central location for people working around the county, though tough for people coming from downtown.

We can accommodate up to 15 or so.


Kyle Cordes. You can reach him at Oasis Digital (contact info at the bottom of every page) or via his web site.


Oasis Digital Is the initial sponsor, providing the location and lunch. We’ve love to have another company sponsor sometimes.


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